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  • http://www.fishyfarmacy.com/koipond/general_info.html General Koi Pond Information - A quick reference table for common Koi ailments and their corresponding treatments.
  • http://www.fishyfarmacy.com/products.html#De-Los Fish Medication - Products Page 1 - This is page 1 of our product catalog. Listed here are some of our quality fish medications that are guaranteed as to quality and freshness.
  • http://www.fishyfarmacy.com/newproducts.html New retail products from National Fish Pharmaceuticals - National Fish Pharmaceuticals is manufacturing retail medications for pet stores. Boxed with UPC codes. Each package comes with a convenient measuring spoon.

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  • Richard Brzostek - Very high quality

    A couple years ago, my wife got a high-end cookware set to replace the pots and pans that were about 10 years old. And having a nice cookware set makes cooking all the more enjoyable. If I compare that set with this one, I would say the quality is about the same, which is of very high standards. But I think the handles of this set are better and feel more comfortable to hold. The non-stick surfaces are also great! Without abusing this set, I suspect it will last more than a decade. If anything, this set is just as good as the high end set that cost twice as much!

  • Amazon Customer - Research them all b4 u buy!!!

    I have not tried this, however there is a lawsuit filed against the makers of glucosamine chondroitin. The suit is basically about the makers claiming it reduces inflammation and pain but it really doesn't. I have chronic pain and inflammation and am hesitant on buying everything that says it cures this or reduces that. You must research everything before you buy it! I cannot stress that enough! Just like omega xl product. Says same thing. However I see better reviews about that product and I dont see any reports about side effects like heart palpitations, speedy heart rate, anxiety, etc. I too, have experienced that with other so called supplements or popular products like lipozine for example. I thought I was going to have a heart attack after taking that for less than a week! Please people, do the research and read posts by regular people, not ones from celebs because they, unlike the rest of us, get paid for endorsements. Someone mentioned taking alfalfa instead. I may try omega xl or alfalfa. Tumeric works too BTW. But I haven't found anything yet, that completely makes my pain go away permanently and hope one day to find one instead of pain medication management... Good luck!

  • jcs3225 - Buyer Beware

    Download was easy. Product worked great first time I used it. About 2 weeks later, it would not open. I have tried everything. No support. I emailed Encore with no response. Can not get through on phone. Amazon support was very polite and tried to help but not anything they can do. Stay away from this, especially if you have a mac.

  • Marvin - You change Your Honey, You Don't Get My Money

    I have been consuming and sharing with others Wedderspoon Active 16+ for almost two years. Then Wedderspoon made changes that I find unacceptable. The first had to do with their label, which most people don't bother to read since the label color didn't change. Gone was organic certification by Ecosert SA. Gone was "Support the OMA mark which guarantees honey that is free from chemicals and pesticides." Missing are the following: Never feeding the bees sugar, area of forage is 5 km. from intensive farming, Ecosert approval. Added was the word "harmful" before chemicals and pesticides. Obviously, chemicals and pesticides are added and we are supposed to hope they are not harmful.

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