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Herniated Disc - The Herniated Disc Authority details the causes, symptoms and treatments of bulging, prolapsed, ruptured, extruded and sequestered intervertebral discs, as well as degenerative disc disease.

  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/what-is-a-herniated-disc.html What is a Herniated Disc? - What is a herniated disc? Learn all about the anatomical changes involved when a disc bulges or ruptrures. Learn about the different types of herniations.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/bulging-disc.html Bulging Disc - Bulging disc report tells of the common nature of intervertebral bulges and how most are no cause of alarm, although some may be symptomatic.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-in-the-lower-back.html Herniated Disc in the Lower Back - A herniated disc in the lower back usually occurs at L4/L5 or L5/S1. Learn all about lumbar disc bulges and ruptures.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-in-the-upper-back.html Herniated Disc in the Upper Back - A herniated disc in the upper back is not a typical diagnostic finding, compared to bulges in the neck or lower back. Thoracic herniations are usually the result of trauma.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-in-the-neck.html Herniated Disc in the Neck - A herniated disc in the neck can cause pain through spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis or chemical radiculitis. Learn all about cervical disc pathologies.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/causes-of-a-herniated-disc.html Causes of a Herniated Disc - Explore the many possible causes of a herniated disc and understand how to prevent serious back and neck injury during exercise and work.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/degenerative-disc-disease.html Degenerative Disc Disease - Learn the facts about degenerative disc disease including the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the condition. DDD resource section provides extensive research opportunities.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/lumbar-degenerative-disc-disease.html Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease - Lumbar degenerative disc disease describes the drying out of the intervertebral structures in the lower back. Lumbar disc desiccation begins early, usually in the third decade of life.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/cervical-degenerative-disc-disease.html Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease - Cervical degenerative disc disease is the second most common location for noticeable intervertebral desiccation to occur. Learn all about DDD in the neck.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-symptoms.html Herniated Disc Symptoms - Learn about the various possible herniated disc symptoms which can occur locally, as well as due to compressive neuropathy issues throughout the anatomy.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-pain.html Herniated Disc Pain - Herniated disc pain resource section discusses the complexities and diagnostic concerns associated with disc pain syndromes. Learn the real facts about herniated disc neck and back pain.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-numbness.html Herniated Disc Numbness - Herniated disc numbness is one of the many possible neurological effects of symptomatic bulging discs. Numbness can exist in the back, legs, arms, hands or feet.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-weakness.html Herniated Disc Weakness - Herniated disc weakness is a possible neurological symptom associated with some problematic disc conditions. Usually weakness is an eventual result of continuing nerve compression.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-tingling.html Herniated Disc Tingling - Herniated disc tingling is one of the possible neurological symptoms of a bulging disc. Tingling is often described as pins and needles in the torso or a limb.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-treatments.html Herniated Disc Treatments - Herniated disc treatments guide discusses the multitude of therapy options for problematic disc conditions. Learn all about treating bulging discs effectively.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-diagnosis.html Herniated Disc Diagnosis - Herniated disc diagnosis is an imperfect science, since disc pathologies can be easily visualized, but are often misrepresented as the actual source of symptoms.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-doctor.html Herniated Disc Doctor - A herniated disc doctor may be a chiropractor, orthopedist, neurologist or physical therapist. Learn about the various kinds of disc pain experts.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-exercises.html Herniated Disc Exercises - Herniated disc exercises compose one of the most widely used conservative care practices recommended for bulging discs. Learn all about exercise treatment of disc pain.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-surgery.html Herniated Disc Surgery - Herniated disc surgery should always be a last resort treatment selection, since many procedures do not cure back or neck pain and some patients actually wind up worse after an operation.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/spinal-decompression.html Spinal Decompression - Spinal decompression can nonsurgically treat many forms of back and neck pain, but is particularly useful for resolving herniated discs in the lower back or neck.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-products.html Herniated Disc Products - Herniated disc products come in all manner of configurations and uses. Learn about the best home-use and professional products for treating bulging discs.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/intervertebral-discs.html Intervertebral Discs - Intervertebral discs are important soft tissues within the vertebral column. Spinal discs are also the most common structures blamed for causing back and neck pain.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-injury.html Herniated Disc Injury - Herniated disc injury is one of the most feared of all back traumas, due to the terrible reputation of bulging discs as chronic and treatment-resistant pain syndromes.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-facts.html Herniated Disc Facts - Herniated disc facts guide teaches all about the realities and mythologies of bulging spinal discs. Learn the facts for yourself before seeking treatment.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/psychosomatic-herniated-disc-pain.html Psychosomatic Herniated Disc Pain - Psychosomatic herniated disc pain can occur when a disc abnormality is coincidental to the symptoms. Learn how the mind can cause or contribute to back or neck pain.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/alternative-medicine-for-herniated-discs.html Alternative Medicine for Herniated Discs - Alternative medicine for herniated discs describes all non-traditional care practices. This article will focus on knowledge therapy, as suggested by Dr. John Sarno.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-relief.html Herniated Disc Relief - Finding true and lasting herniated disc relief can seem like an impossible quest for patients with chronic symptoms. Learn why the pain from a bulging disc is so difficult to treat.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/herniated-disc-advice.html Herniated Disc Advice - Patients seeking herniated disc advice are strongly cautioned to consider the source, as well as the motivation of the person or company providing the requested information.
  • http://www.herniated-disc-pain.org/back-pain.html Back Pain - Learn all about the Cure Back Pain Network and how patients can find free help for chronic herniated disc-related back ache.

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