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Northshore Sleep Medicine | Sleep better with expert care - Unlike many clinics, we handle the entire sleep medicine process, from initial consultation through treatment. Call us today to talk about your sleep!

  • http://www.nssleep.com/about-northshore-sleep-medicine/make-a-payment/ Make a Payment | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Northshore Sleep Medicine conveniently accepts online payments. If you would like to see your secure financial screen, call our front desk at 847-674-3600.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/about-northshore-sleep-medicine/map-directions/ Map & Directions | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Northshore Sleep Medicine Map and Directions, 3451 Church Street, Evanston, IL.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/ Sleep Health Services | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Northshore Sleep Medicine's experts are dedicated to sleep health services incl. comprehensive diagnosis, treatment & follow-up of all major sleep disorders.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/disorders-treated/ Disorders Treated | Northshore Sleep Medicine - A sleep disorder can affect people of all shapes, sizes and ages. If you can’t get enough sleep, please see one of our sleep specialists for help.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/disorders-treated/insomnia-specialists/ Insomnia Specialists | Northshore Sleep Medicine - If you suffer from insomnia, we can help. From consultation to treatment, our insomnia specialists provide every step in the process. Call for a consult!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/narcolepsy-specialists/ Narcolepsy Specialists | Northshore Sleep Medicine - From consultation to treatment, we handle every stage of narcolepsy treatment, all with a compassionate, individualized approach. Call to schedule a visit!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/disorders-treated/nocturnal-seizures/ Nocturnal Seizures | Northshore Sleep Medicine - From consultation to treatment, we provide comprehensive care to those experiencing nocturnal seizures. Call for an appt about nocturnal seizure treatment!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/sleep-apnea-specialist/ Sleep Apnea Specialist | Northshore Sleep Medicine - If you think you may have sleep apnea, call us for a consult. From diagnosis to treatment, our sleep apnea specialists will guide you through the process.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/sleep-paralysis/ Sleep Paralysis | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Experiencing sleep paralysis? Visit our office for a consultation & sleep study with our compassionate doctors. Call for a sleep paralysis treatment appt!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/auto-pap-versus-cpap/ Auto PAP Versus CPAP | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Auto PAP versus CPAP: What's the difference between Auto PAP machines and CPAP machines for treating sleep apnea? Find out from our sleep experts.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/chicago-pediatric-sleep-specialist/ Chicago Pediatric Sleep Specialist | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Our doctors are pediatric sleep specialists and provide every stage of care, all at our friendly Evanston office. Call to schedule an appointment!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/child-sleep-problems/ Child Sleep Problems | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Kids can have serious sleep issues. Child sleep problems range from sleep apnea to night terrors. NorthShore Sleep Medicine accepts patients 2 years & up.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/dental-sleep-medicine/ Dental Sleep Medicine | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Unlike at other sleep centers, our doctors are able to provide dental appliances when that's the best treatment option. Call to schedule a visit!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/home-sleep-testing/ Home Sleep Testing | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Home sleep testing is another option for gathering data to help your sleep specialist diagnose obstructive sleep apnea, Call to schedule an appointment.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/prescriptions/ Prescriptions | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Patients must see a physician every 6 months to have prescriptions refilled. Schedule an appt at Northshore Sleep Medicine BEFORE medication runs out.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-health-services/sleep-apnea-testing/ Sleep Apnea Testing | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Think you have sleep apnea? We can help. Call today to schedule a consultation and sleep test at our comfortable Evanston office!
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-studies-faq/ Sleep Studies FAQ | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Sleep Studies FAQ: When should I visit a sleep specialist? Are sleep physicians covered by insurance? What if I can't fall asleep?
  • http://www.nssleep.com/what-to-expect-at-your-visit/ What to Expect at Your Sleep Visit | Northshore Sleep Medicine - What to Expect at Your Sleep Visit: Your first visit includes a comprehensive evaluation to get a detailed history & physical focusing on sleep concerns.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/articles/ Articles / Tips | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Northshore Sleep Medicine's mission includes educating patients about health & wellness issues. See our sleep health articles and tips.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/cpap-information/ CPAP Information | Northshore Sleep Medicine - CPAP Information: CPAP machines are used mainly by patients in their own homes for the treatment of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-apnea/ Sleep Apnea | Northshore Sleep Medicine - If you think you may have sleep apnea, call us for an appointment. From diagnosis to treatment, our doctors will guide you through the entire process.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-disorders-2/ Sleep Disorders | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Many physiological and biological problems can lead to disruptions in your ability to get a healthy night's sleep. Learn more about sleep disorders.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-disorders-2/confusional-arousals/ Confusional Arousals | Northshore Sleep Medicine - Confusional arousals -- also known as sleep drunkenness -- usually occur when a person is awakened from a deep sleep during the first part of the night.
  • http://www.nssleep.com/sleep-disorders-2/insomnia/ Insomnia | Northshore Sleep Medicine - If you suffer from insomnia, we can help. From consultation to treatment, our doctors provide every step in the process. Call for an appointment!

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