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Transforming Spine Surgery and Beyond | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive is an innovative medical device company specializing in minimally disruptive surgical products and optimizing the surgical process for the spine.

  • http://www.nuvasive.com/contact-us/ Contact NuVasive, NuVasive San Diego, Asia, UK, Australia | NuVasive®, Inc. - Find information about how to contact NuVasive at it's offices around the world. We have offices in San Diego, Asia, UK, Australia and more.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/about-us/newsroom/ Nuvasive Newsroom | NuVasive®, Inc. - Up to date current news, events, fact sheets, images, and videos for NuVasive, inc.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/careers/ Careers at NuVasive | NuVasive®, Inc. - Interested in starting an exciting career or internship at NuVasive? Learn more about NuVasive as a company, our benefits, and apply today!
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/ Patient Solutions, Spinal Surgery, Minimal Disruptive Surgery | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive's innovative patient solutions improve spinal surgery, resulting in minimal disruptive surgery, shorter hospital stays, and a quicker recovery process.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/indications/degenerative-scoliosis/ Degenerative Scoliosis, MAS eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion | NuVasive®, Inc. - Degenerative scoliosis occurs when a right-left or lateral curve develops in a previously straight spine. Learn about lateral interbody fusion for scoliosis.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/indications/degenerative-spondylolisthesis/ Degenerative Spondylolisthesis, XLIF, TLIF, MAS | NuVasive®, Inc. - Spondylolisthesis is a condition where one vertebra has slipped forward over another one below it. NuVasive can help with this condition using XLIF and TLIF.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/indications/lumbar-degenerative-disc-disease/ Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease, DDD, XLIF, TLIF, MAS | NuVasive®, Inc. - Lumbar degenerative disc disease is tears in the annulus and lack of water content of the nucleus of the disc. NuVasive treatment may help using TLIF and XLIF.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/indications/lumbar-spinal-stenosis/ Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, ILIF, MAS | NuVasive®, Inc. - Lumbar spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the space where nerves pass through the spine. NuVasive's ILIF surgical procedure may help improve this condition.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/patient-solutions/indications/back-pain/ Back Pain, Better Way Back, Spinal Surgery | NuVasive®, Inc. - Back pain can be felt constantly or intermittently, and may present as a dull, sharp, piercing, or burning sensation. Come find out how NuVasive can help.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/health-providers/ Health Providers, Spine Education and Training | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive helps health providers stay ahead from training for the eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF) procedure to peer-to-peer communities for patients and
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/health-providers/innovative-solutions/ Maximum Access Surgery, eXtreme Lateral Interbody Fusion, | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive provides surgeons with a full spine surgical solution portfolio that focuses on Maximum Access Surgery (MAS) and optimizing the surgical experience.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/health-providers/education-and-training/ NuVasive Education and Training, Visiting Surgeon Program | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive offers a variety of educational courses such as Corporate Marquis Visit Program (MVP), Visiting Surgeon Program (VSP) and Remote MVP, and SpineConnect.
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/health-providers/resources/ NuVasive Resources | NuVasive®, Inc. - Come find resources and information about the Society of Lateral Access Surgery,(SOLAS), the better way back program, and the spine care alliance (SCA).
  • http://www.nuvasive.com/health-providers/nuvasive-clinical-services/ NuVasive Clinical Services™ | NuVasive®, Inc. - NuVasive Clinical Services is a leading provider of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) services to surgeons and healthcare facilities

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  • Nicki Martinez - LOVE

    The soap is very small. Pretty cool that it comes with two but I feel the bars should be a bit bigger. Other than that AMAZING PRODUCT love the clean feeling after using it! Will definitely be buying again!

  • Doug A - Excellent Quality Sweatproof Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones, Headset Stereo Neckband Sport Earbuds with Mic,10hrs. Playtime !

    I ordered the SoundPEATS Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones Headset Stereo Neckband Sport Earbuds with Mic to use while I am out working and mowing my lawn, or just sitting around relaxing. I Love Music and have since I was a Very Little Kid, back in my day, about all we had for enjoyment was music.They are Designed with the Latest Version of Bluetooth 4.1 which Supports two connected devices simultaneously, and allows you to automatically connect after they have been paired successfully for the first time.They have HD Stereo & Noise Cancellation which is an Adopted CVC Version 6.0 Noise Cancellation Technology that guarantees HD Stereo Sound Quality. This provides a Steady Bluetooth Signal and Prevents the loss of your stereo music. The Headphones are compatible with most cell phones, iPhone and Android. This Set of Headphones are a Around-the-Neck Wearing Style With a Body-Contoured Fit. They are Made of a Ultra-Lightweight Shaped Memory Alloy which you hardly even notice wearing. These are made especially for easy carrying and for all day comfort. They are Fantastic for active people that enjoy running, cycling, exercising, or just staying at home or in the Office. The SoundPeats are Specially Designed with a magnetic EZ-lock design. When you are not using the earpieces stick to the neckband, which allows you to never worry about the cord and wires dangling around your neck. This is a Upgraded Version of our previous model Q800, we moved the control buttons from the front to the side,which makes them Very Comfortable and Easy to use for media control and hands-free calling. They are Very Easy to pair up with your Bluetooth Device, which allows you to listen to your music in a very short amount of time. The SoundPeats Headphones are compatible with most Smart phones, iPhone and Androids and many other Bluetooth Devices. You will Receive up to 10 hours of music time, 300 hours of standby time, and only takes 2 hours charging time. With its Super Lightweight Design, and a net weight of only 4.58 ounces, you will barely even notice them at the gym and workouts. This is yet another Excellent Set of Headphones from SoundPeats that have been Updated to Provide a Excellent Listening Experience and are Very Comfortable to Wear. I am Very Impressed with the Newest Sweatproof Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones from SoundPeats and Would Very Highly Recommend them to everyone. They are Very Lightweight, have Fantastic Stereo Sound Quality and have Magnetic Earpieces to keep them in place when you are not using them. I received a discount on this product in a Special Promotion in exchange for My Honest Review. My review, my Opinion, and my experience with this product is 100% Genuine and Honest ! Just like all of you I also rely on the Honest Reviews from other people to help me decide on the products I purchase as well ! I Never allow the discount change the way I review any product ! I would like to Thank the people from SOUNDPEATS for allowing me the chance to review their Fantastic Lightweight Headphones.

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