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OMOZ 2016 - The OMOZ 2016 conference will provide a forum for all researchers, clinical practitioners and health workers investigating and treating chronic ear disease in Australia.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 143.2104 , Australia

  • Frieda - Contains known severe allergen/irritant

    This contains methylisothiazolinone, which is not disclosed in the listing but should be. Methylisothiazolinone is a known severe irritant and allergen. If you have sensitive skin or know you are sensitive to methylisothiazolinone, I would recommend avoiding this product.

  • L. Feldstein - A Place in the Sun

    This was my first read by R.S. Grey and I completely fell inlove with A Place in the Sun from start to finish. It's one of those romance reads that you will want to read straight through. Georgie was pure perfection. She had my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard. She was a feisty, firery, snarky ball of awesome that just bulldozed her way into Gianluca's heart. Gianluca was spot on as a man who lived a quiet, simple life, not looking for love. He was naturally charming, a bit grumpy, and of course quite sexy. The relationship between Gianluca and Georgie was so special and brought on all the feels. I laughed at their banter, felt the gut punch angst, even had some tears as reality hit hard but then everything came back together and there was cheesy grinning, swooning and a happy heart. A Place in the Sun was an all around complete love story with everything you want to leave you satisfied.

  • charles walker - foot pedal covers

    these foot pedal covers really makes my 2011 jeep grand Cherokee look classic on the inside the brake pad was a little hard to install but it was worth it for the chrome look

  • Steve Benner - A curious crime thriller

    "The Couple Next Door" is a curious little novel. Billed as the début suspense novel of lawyer and former English teacher, Shari Lapena, it recounts the ordeal of parents, Marco and Anne Conti, following the disappearance of their six-month old baby daughter from her crib one evening while they were out at a dinner party with their neighbours. Shari Lapena clearly believes in laying all of the parts of her story out for the reader, leaving little to the imagination and explaining every minute nuance of her characters' thinking and behaviour; the result is a novel that gives a deeper than usual insights into the workings of her characters' minds but which gives disconcertingly little for readers to work out for themselves. Oddly, I found that this actually worked surprisingly well, especially at the narrative's many turning points, where the author manages to make sudden revelations and reversals seem all part of the natural order of things -- even when it rapidly becomes apparent that almost nothing in or around the Conti family actually follows most people's understanding of the natural order of things -- largely because nothing is ever really as it seems nor really fully as it is explained at the time. This really brings home just how much of a lie her characters are living most of the time, with the way this presents are 'normal' providing a good deal of food for thought.

  • Forte Enterprises - great concept with no taste at all.

    Very neat concept! i received this today and I immediately tried it. All you have to do is pull the sticky paper off of one side and powder begins to slowly come out, almost like a loose powder compact. It dissolved so easy, no clumps at all! there was no color and really no taste. If it had any taste at all, it was just a tad sweet. Not bitter, not chemically, just a TOUCH sweet. I mixed it with water and it mixed so well, that if I hadn't known it was in there, I would have probably never known, it didn't even make the water cloudy. I also didn't feel jittery or over caffeinated. I just sort of felt awake and it a better more calm mood. I really like the design and how easy and discrete it is. You don't have to swallow a pill or wear a patch or drink a coke. I really liked these sticks! I received these sticks at a discount in exchange for my unbiased opinion. If you found this review helpful, please indicate so.

  • Couldn't be more disappointed in a product after 50 years of life! - Worst purchase I have ever made in 50 years of life!

    I purchased the Dinair airbrush system along with extra make up. After the first use the system clogged up after just 1/2 of one side of my face. I took it apart, cleaned it all out and five minutes into the the next try it was clogged up again. I am so frustrated at this point so I decided to write Dinair for an inquiry about returning the product. I sent that request on July 7th, it is Sept. 5th and I have yet to receive a reply. I have no faith in this company so I will not waste my time trying to pursue them for satisfaction just to be neglected which would lead to total frustration. I have chalked this up to one of the most expensive failed purchases of my life! After 50 years, I can say this is the worst purchase I have ever made, with the absolute worst level of satisfaction and customer service possible. I really don't know how they stay in business. There is a star rating required to leave the feedback so I will give one star but I want to give no stars because in my opinion they never deserved a single star. I would not recommend purchasing the Dinair Airbrush System! Run away from this site and don't look back and consider yourself fortunate you were not one of us with a faulty system with nowhere to turn for assistance!

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