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Pain and Stress Center: Alternative Health Products - We promote natural remedies and alternatives to toxic drugs. Find answers to mental stress-anxiety, physical symptoms for a healthy brain and body.

  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Aboutus.asp About: Pain and Stress Center | Alternative Health Products - The Pain and Stress Management Center goal is to offer patients a total multidisciplinary approach, including natural alternatives to toxic drugs.
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  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Customer-Favorites/products/86/ Our most popular Pain & Stress Brand products - The Customer's Favorites - Anxiety Control 24, Mood Sync, Teen Link, Mag Link and Brain Link, Liquid Serotonin, Sleep Link, Gaba 750.
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  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Combos-Best-Value/products/32/ The best results at the best price with Pain & Stress Combos - Synergistic combos for better results - Stress Combo, Teen Stress Combo, Sleep Easy Combo, Good Night Cocktail, FM Solution, Triple Relief, Smoker's Pack
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  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Aches-Pains/departments/12/ Pain & Stress Center's Top Picks for Arthritis, Muscle Pain, and Inflammation - Best products, combos, books and CDs for arthritis, fibromyalgia, muscle stiffness and whatever else ails you. Favorites include Boswellia, Mag Chlor 90, Mag Link, Malic Acid for fibromyalgia, Curcumin, Celadrin, PoweRelief, Joint Maintenance.
  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Brain-Health-Memory/departments/13/ Pain & Stress audio CD's | Brain, Memory, and Anti-Aging by Billie J. Sahley - Pain & Stress Center products - supplements, books, synergistic combos, and health educator reports on brain function, memory and anti-aging
  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Sleep-Support/departments/15/ Solutions for Sleeplessness - not getting enough sleep - Pain & Stress Center has products to help you sleep through the night. Product combos, reading materials and cds.
  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Muscle-Joint-Bone/departments/16/ Recommendations for muscle, joint and bone health from Pain & Stress Center - Supplements for joint discomfort, healthy bones, muscle aches & cramps, swollen tissue, tenderness, soreness, healthy fast recovery. Also see our topical remedies, reading material and special prices on combos.
  • http://www.painstresscenter.com/Energy/departments/17/ Amino acids and nutrients for more energy - Pain & Stress Center's products,combos, reports and books for increasing energy.

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  • Michelle Lamb Discher - Works very well

    I was skeptical, but this actually works like a charm. The advance over other types is it's vertical aspect. As soon as a flat hair catcher has a few long hairs on it, the water can't get through at all. You open your eyes, and your standing in two inches of water in the shower. The TubShroom is tall; it fits snugly, and as hair builds up at the bottom, the water still flows into holes at the top.

  • Paul F. - Tinny and distorted.

    I returned the set I ordered. They were tinny and distorted at volume levels far below what I'm pushing thru the stock speakers.

  • Harper - WOW!

    It's great! Gives energy .... no more mid day crash! No preservatives! And now for the con... it tastes horrible when just put with water. Gritty nasty! But.. add a couple tbl spoons of honey and fruit for a smoothie and your good to go!

  • David B. Littell - Contents, Good; Navigation System Poor

    I'm a new user, so it might be my ability to use my Kindle, but I'm having difficulties getting to the chapter and verse that I want to read. To me the navigation system could be more user friendly. The content and readability are good, this is what I wanted but I'm very frustrated with lack of ease of use.

  • Larry White - The best.

    As a kid I always looked forward to this version of the Christmas Carol being aired. Sometimes I feared it wouldn't be shown but usually it was and I got opportunitiy to watch it. Now I can watch whenever I want and I think the Blu Ray presenation has really enhanced the sharpness of the picture. I know the "purests" don't like colorization of movies, but I do and I have a copy of this in color as well and I like that too.

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