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PharmaMedDevice March 26-28, 2008, co-located with INTERPHEX & Biotechnica - PharmaMedDevice™ is the first event focused on the convergence of the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biologic industries. The inaugural event will be co-located with INTERPHEX.

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  • Michelle O - but didn't like the chemicals

    Make sure to shake up the bottle before every use. I have noticed a difference in the last 3 weeks of use. My thinning and mild hair loss was due to medication and stress. I used another product before this one, but didn't like the chemicals. I am thankful to have found a very natural shampoo that actually works.

  • L West - love this stuff!

    I feel like it's purging my system and my gut. Be aware though that it might make you break out because of the toxins it's moving out. I take it as a good sign though. I started taking it for my hair- it felt as though it's been falling out extremely quickly. My friend recommended this and I took a bottle of the softgels and couldn't really feel a difference until I finished the pills and didn't get any more. I started breaking out a lot. I spoke to same friend and looked it up on the internet and turns out the oil is meant for your skin too and so I got more black seed oil but in the liquid form. This time, whether imagined or real, I feel like it made an immediate difference on my hair. My scalp is happier, my hair does not feel like it is thinning anymore and I'm hoping it will start to thicken again. I also changed shampoos- I shopped (on Amazon) for a sulfate free shampoo/conditioner that was reasonably priced and got Dermorganics argan oil products and am very happy with them. If any of these issues sound like problems you are having, I would try the oil out. I'm very happy with it. Forgot to mention, my friend mixes it in things she is drinking. Don't do that, it tastes strong. I just take a spoon of it and it's easy to swallow.

  • Testasulluccio - I threw up in my mouth a little bit...

    I saw many other positive reviews of this story before I decided to read it, but it is a waste of time. I feel that teenage girls may enjoy this, yet another supernatural love tale with a swoon-worthy man - I guess that is the target audience, so the book is right on target for them. However, for the rest of the world with at least half a brain, this book was a terrible read. It seems like the author tried to give it a really epic feel, but the characters were shallow, completely lacking any depth (especially the heroine of the story). I will not be reading any more of this series.

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