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Starbene: mente-corpo - Sito di psicologia e psicoterapia cognitivo - comportamentale per i disturbi d'ansia (ansia, attacchi di panico, doc, fobie), disturbi dell'umore, stress, disturbi alimentari (bulimia, anoressia), disturbi sessuali, disturbi di personalita. Ne

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • douglas r. harding - The efforts of a life time stated poetically

    This book recommended by a book review, caught my eye, and even though I'm not a typical poem reader, I bought the book. As the title states, this book represents 50 years of life, and though her views are rarely happy, the author has seen and shares the reality of her existance in a dramatic and captivating way.

  • Discriminating Consumer - It really works.

    This is the only stuff that works effectively on the huge palmetto bugs we have in the South. I spray on outer door threshholds and they stay away. Later, I find the occasional carcass. Keep far away from pets and use sparingly.

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