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  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/words sarah royal. - WORDS - WORDS The Book Bindery. Gold. Beer, Bikes, & Bridges. Creative Cursing. Creative Cussin’. Thou Spleeny Swag-Bellied Miscreant. Meatpaper. The Hairpin. The Riveter.
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/image/142768888442 sarah royal. : Photo - Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/142768888442/if-i-ever-go-back-to-india-itll-be-to-ride-the sarah royal. - If I ever go back to India, it’ll be to ride the... - If I ever go back to India, it’ll be to ride the local trains in Mumbai.
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/132544043322/hastily-thrown-together-montage-of-the-cargo sarah royal. - Hastily thrown together montage of the cargo... - Hastily thrown together montage of the cargo freighter voyage a year ago. Music by Dear Lions. Enjoy.
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/132151941847/30-years-into-life-and-30-years-of-the-golden sarah royal. - 30 Years Into Life and 30 Years of ‘The Golden... - 30 Years Into Life and 30 Years of ‘The Golden Girls’ – check it: http://bit.ly/30YearsGolden
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/118704278502/i-wrote-an-article-about-being-on-the-cargo sarah royal. - I wrote an article about being on the cargo... - I wrote an article about being on the cargo freighter over at The Hairpin. You should, like, read it.
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/109675116392/the-final-travel-tally sarah royal. - The Final Travel Tally. - The Final Travel Tally. CONTINENTS: 4 COUNTRIES: 9 COUNTRIES MY BAG HAS BEEN TO: MORE COUNTRIES WHERE IT WAS WARM: 8 COUNTRIES WHERE IT WAS COLD: 1 FLIGHTS: 15 TYPES OF TRANSIT: 18 NATIONAL PARKS:...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/109316223957/norway-a-dash-of-portugal-and-the-east-coast sarah royal. - Norway, a dash of Portugal, and the EAST COAST. - Norway, a dash of Portugal, and the EAST COAST. A month and a half for the final chapter of Sarah Royal Travels the World & Writes About It isn’t too bad, I’d say. Currently snowed in from the...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/104701412937/que-wow-sailing-freakin-sailboats-in-baja sarah royal. - Que Wow: Sailing Freakin' Sailboats in Baja... - Que Wow: Sailing Freakin' Sailboats in Baja California, Mexico Ahoy, there! I’ve returned from three weeks of learning to sail in a fleet of four 22’ Drascombe longboats in the Sea of Cortez in Baja...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/102407301417/joburg-pdx-california-national-parks-galore sarah royal. - Joburg, PDX, California National Parks Galore, &... - Joburg, PDX, California National Parks Galore, & SoCal Done Right. Oh, and MEXICO. Yeah, I suppose it’s been an entire month since I last provided my six readers with an update, so we’ve got a bit of...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/99712412262/cape-town-kruger-a-ridiculous-amount-of-animals sarah royal. - Cape Town & Kruger: A Ridiculous Amount of Animals - Cape Town & Kruger: A Ridiculous Amount of Animals Hi, folks! I last left you about to board on my four-flight exciting transfer day from Mumbai to Cape Town. After trying to confirm five times with...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/98797685152/toy-trains-bollywood-and-pune-family-fun sarah royal. - Toy Trains, Bollywood, and Pune Family Fun - Toy Trains, Bollywood, and Pune Family Fun The night train to Shimla was very peaceful and easy, mostly because I took a Benadryl to be able to fall asleep and block out any potential noise from the...
  • http://www.sarahroyal.com/post/97884179732/guilin-yangshou-china-and-india-thus-far sarah royal. - Guilin & Yangshou, China... and INDIA thus far - Guilin & Yangshou, China... and INDIA thus far Greetings, faithful readers. Last I left you was in Guilin, China, after taking a 12-hour bullet train ride down there. I stayed at a super friendly and...

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  • Krystof - Planned Obsolescence? I love HP Streams--but get one with 500gb+ HD--not this throw-away!

    It is difficult-to-impossible to enlarge or replace Hard Drive capacity of HP Streams so insist on 500gb or you will be stuck with a throwaway in a few years.

  • Lisa Jeffrey - 12 Benefits Hair Treatment

    Love this product. It tames my fine, curly hair and takes the frizz away. This is my second bottle. It works great if I blow dry my hair straight or air dry it letting it go curly.

  • Amazon Customer - Did not work

    This sounded like a great deal till I got it and messed up my truck. It did not open the doors but did keep the truck from turning over.

  • Aviana - Best Antifvirus Program EVER

    Scanning my computer with my old antivirus program used to take a minimum of 4 or more hours but Webroot does it in slightly over 5 minutes!! I really LOVE Webroot!!!

  • S. Long - Best International Phone I have had!!!! Ever!

    I work in afghanistan and go to the states about 4 times a year so i decided to get this phone so i can stop carrying around two phones when i travel. This phone is all the rave! I was skeptical at first because of the price but i decided to buy it. I had the BLU Elite at first... Absolute Fail. I lost it and good thing i did because I received this phone.

  • Bobbie A. - Wonderful diaper cream!

    My 9 week old daughter has very sensitive skin and I myself try to use only natural products on my skin so it goes without saying I want the best out there for my baby. This cream is very light, has a wonderful smell and is wonderful at preventing and treating minor diaper rash (it might be great for treating severe rash - we just never have had one luckily)

  • Gsleak - Who is the bad wolf

    Haley has been gone for three years and is returning to Willow Creek. She has inherited her grandmothers house and the first person she sees when she gets back in town is Luke . He is guy she has always loved but doesn't know if it is reciprocated. Luke has been in prison for two years and has just been out a couple months when Haley gets back in town . He has been dreaming of her and now she is back. In Willow Creek has amurder happened to Luck younger sister year ago and now there's another murder .There is so much to this story , twists, danger and of course love. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book

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