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Tropical Fruit Growers - This website was created to help you learn more about Florida tropical fruits and to put you in touch with our growers so that you can order the freshest tropical fruit possible! There are new tropical fruit recipes for you to try, and nutritional info to help you make healthy food choices for your family.

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  • mathom - Great for Outdoor Cushions

    I bought this to solve a problem with mold growing on the cushions of my outdoor patio furniture. Any time that mold appears, I spray it with the spray and the mold disappears within the next two days. Perfect.

  • N. Oneill - JK Lasser Your INcome Tax

    I highly recommend JK Lasser's books. I've been a tax professional for over 10 years and have come to know and use this book extensively. Best tax book on the market for ease of reading whether a professional tax person or not! Buy the book!

  • P. Doss - Love all of books...

    Please stop leaving negative reviews for this book. The author is aware of the issue and is going above and beyond to resolve this issue so think before you click.. One of my favorite authors in the world and patiently waiting to one click...

  • Laoshu - Does not work for me

    Two of my toes have fungal problem. I bought this product based on all the wonderful reviews. When the Kerasal Nail was applied, my toe nails did look shiny and nice. After I had used the product diligently for 4 months, I decided to give it a break to see if my nails were improved. Nope. As soon as I stopped using the product, my nails looked dry and scaly again. Plus the product made the skin around my toes peel a lot. I researched online and found a natural cure which is called Oregano oil. I have been using the oil on my toe nails for a couple of weeks by now. My nails started to look nice even when I forgot to apply the oil on a couple of days. I can tell that finally I have found a cure for my nail problem. Research on Oregano oil if you have nail fungi problem and haven't found a good cure yet.

  • NNamdi - Classic.

    Undoubtedly the best collective work from cole to date. One of the most apparent displays of growth as an artist I've seen in a while. I'm excited to see where he can go from here on. Good work, Cole.

  • James P Moeller - Finally! High quality, resonably priced filament

    I ordered five different spools of 3mm abs to print stocking stuffers for Christmas. Every one had issues. Moisture. wild diameter inconsistencies, extruder clogs, etc. I read the good reviews of the IC3D filament and it is made in the US. What a complete difference. No snap crackle and pops. Rock solid diameters. Smooth printing. I am sold. Thank you for a great product, at a great price, made in the USA.

  • richard perez - Buck quality still

    I use it "clean" deer. I used it five times last season. Does not need sharpening. Curvature of blade makes it easy to skin. Handle is very comfortable to hold; no slipping in your hand.

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