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  • Jessica Knowlton - Crazy cool!

    I was very skeptical about this product, so I used it on my bathroom counters to test it out... and it's pretty awesome! We are doing the kitchen too!!! The only thing I would say as a word of advice, is to make sure your laminate isnt loose, uneven, and gap free. This stuff covers scratches, dents, etc, but wouldnt cover anything bigger than 2cmm.

  • Fred Tarburton - no plastic waste. Cleans easily

    Makes smooth coffee. Environmentally friendly.. no plastic waste. Cleans easily. Economical... Café Coffee at work sucks and costs $1.50 / cup. This device and a zip-lock bag of coffee is all I need. It'sperfect for me

  • Thomas J. Housworth - Very Specific Requirements, Ladies

    I gave these to my wife as a gift and she said they wouldn't work at first. I said, "Silly, you're in your office. Go to the kitchen." She did and they started to draw out a bit of ink, but the lines were still sketchy. I said, "Well, you still have your shoes on. Take them off." She did, and once she was barefoot AND in the kitchen, these ballpoint beauties worked for her like a charm. These pens obviously know their place.

  • Sara M - Made the most AMAZING difference in my oak kitchen cabinets

    Made the most AMAZING difference in my oak kitchen cabinets! My cabinets and woodwork are not in bad shape but needed a little TLC after years of use. Restor-A-Finish is fantastic! I read tons of reviews and wasn't sure what to expect but the product exceeded my expectations. I applied with 0000 steel wool and finished with the Howard Beeswax product...they look like new. It definitely brings out the grain of the wood and improves the appearance immensely. Does take a bit of elbow grease but it's completely worth it for the results! Very happy customer!

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