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  • RGBrie - Great product for pre-blowdrying or smoothing

    I have very thin hair that -- I was looking for a product that will tame the flyaways and will also protect my hair from blowdrying damage. I use this product in two ways: first, while my hair is damp before blowdrying. This give me some styling control and makes my hair shinier. Second, I use this one 'second day' hair if I don't have time to shower, just on the ends and by my bangs to control the flyaways. Great product, lightweight and smells nice. It does have a sweet/candy fragrance, but I don't mind it because it is mild and doesn't last all day.

  • puredrive07 - Mediocre LEGO game that feels rushed

    If you are looking for a great LEGO game than don't get your hopes set too high for this latest installment. It isn't a bad game, but it isn't perfect by any means. Terrible voice overs for some of the characters, particularly the earlier movies come in the worst. Nothing is really Open-World roaming until you beat the entire game, so this makes you blow through the game, but also doesn't let you take breaks to explore much. The dinosaurs can be kind of hard to use at times and the mechanics aren't the best.

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