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Trinity Sterile, Inc. - Trinity Sterile Home - Request samples of kits, trays and other medical products & instruments. Call 800.829.8384 for more information.

  • http://www.trinitysterile.com/products.html Medical Supplies - Trinity Sterile, Inc. - We offer medical supplies such as Light Source Speculums, Safety Biopsy Needles, IV Start Kits, Nursing Procedure Trays, PICC Lines, Tourniquets, Esmark bandages, etc…
  • http://www.trinitysterile.com/kits--trays.html Trinity Sterile Home - Trinity Sterile, Inc. - Request samples of IV Start Kits, Nursing Procedure Trays and 1000's of other medical products and instruments. Call 800.829.8384 for more information.
  • http://www.trinitysterile.com/all-purpose-kits.html IV Start Kits - Trinity Sterile, Inc. - IV Start kits helps standardize the usage of Intra Venous incertions. We also use 3M, Chloraprep, SEPP, and PDI products.

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  • Buyer R - Amazing!

    This is a really cool pen! Awesome for covert missions. Lol. I actually got this at a discounted rate for my honest opinion and i haven't dropped it since they sent it over. The picture quality is very good. Also, very easy to use. i would like to recommend this!

  • Security Guy - Perfect Fit

    Exactly what I needed. Fits perfect on a 2016 Explorer. Just heavy enough to protect bumper surface & edge, about a 1/4 inch. Looks nice. Quick shipping too. Very pleased

  • Brian M. - Five Stars

    Works great. Looks fantastic. Doesn't void factory warranty. Easy to install. IAT sensor wiring was stretched a bit.

  • Brian Banet - Good product at a good price

    I bought this one to replace another I had for 11 years that finally gave out. It used to be you could cut off the end of the hose and send it in for a free replacement, but now you have to fill out a form and provide proof of purchase. I couldn't find the original paperwork so ordered another one.

  • Dissatisfied - I can only get this product to work in anything ...

    I can only get this product to work in anything but phone mode and it will not work in stereo. When I try to listen to music I just hear 1 second broken sound bytes in one ear. There were no directions that came with it. I am sending it back for a refund.

  • Kyle Anders - Weekend Warrior

    Well, I do work out during the week. Went all in with the big size. Played soccer today for example and will have 2 before bed and 2 in the morning. Tuesday the same, and back to two daily on Wednesday when I play soccer again. I am 50 y.o. and prior to using serrapeptase the pain after 2 hours of soccer was unabearable for at least 3 days. My ankles were on fire, my knees would not bend without any pain. Now I feel like a twenty-something, and yes, this helps with my asthma as well. Serrapeptase is used by the German olympic team for the same purposes, to accelerate your tissue repair. A Panacea indeed.

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