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  • Alex Wegner - Bumps harder than anyone elses subs

    As a newbie to sub, I spent $50 on a BOSS amp and $200 in total. This amp is nearly 3x the amount of the first amp I had, and its more than 10x better. Amps definitely matter, take it from someone who had a crap one. There is no distortion, there is only one pioneer champion in my trunk that shakes.... everything.... Love the fact that the hifonics emblem lights up. I've only found one problem, and its cosmetic. The bass knob is lit up. This is only a problem when night driving as it is quite bright. It doesn't help the fact the way its mounted points it directly up at me. But aside from that, 10/5. I would buy again, and again, and again.

  • Omid Parto - Several important weaknesses!

    The perfect fitting and the great look was attractive to me, and the high price (almost $2000 for the original price) was a kind of signal that could tell me "this is quite different than others". That's why finding a new unit for only $600 or even $800 would look like a great opportunity. I spent four months searching for such an opportunity, finally found one and bought the system.

  • rsbjr - first of all I am a real, regular person ...

    first of all I am a real, regular person. ive owned this machine for 2 0r 3 years now. my back used to always hurt to the point I was almost in tears just getting out of bed. right now my back is killing me. why? cause the damn cats ate threw the power cord and it don't work. I am on line now getting a new power cord when I decided to look at the reviews. if you read the instructions that come with the machine it says it wont work after one use and takes a few weeks before you notice a difference. for me it was the second week that the pain had went away. it also says that you must use it every day or your back will start hurting, this is true. I work in a granite shop and have to lift heavy pieces of stone every day. I am 48 yrs old. if you don't believe this review was written by me, just a customer, then contact me. my email is [email protected]. if you leave a phone number I will call you back and talk to you about it. for me it is a life saver. I am thankful for this machine because it does work.

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