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  • Renee Erez - Super putty

    This stuff is fantastic. I've used it to fix a broken mug - the handle is held on by blue sugru, which makes everyone think I've left painters tape on it, and we've washed it in the dishwasher a few times a week for the last 4 months. It's held up beautifully. I also made a custom cookie cutter and used the sugru to fuse the ends. It isn't technically food safe, so I made sure it wouldn't contact the cookie dough directly - but it made for a strong cutter - the foil showed no signs of wanting to come apart. I'm very happy with this stuff.

  • Jennifer Roberts - Misleading

    No direct mention that the PAC 12 network has to also be available by your TV provider for you to use the App.

  • D.A. - Are they still in business?

    I placed a support request on April 27th (today is June 14th), which was not resolved but was marked as though it was. Since then I have emailed them from my personal email account and their online Help form and still haven't heard back. The program was great for a couple of years, and then it stopped opening entirely. I have lost several years of data.

  • Denette Wilkes - I love this makeup

    I love this makeup. I am a redhead and want to cover my freckles. Buy from a rep!!!!!! It gives full coverage and feels light and extremely soft. No one is going to like every product.

  • B. Gallo - Very effective teeth whiting system

    I purchased this product as a replenishing of my original product which I had purchased from my dentist. The results are excellent and the product is easy to use with the tray that was made by my dentist. The price was very good and allowed me to do a nice whitening on my teeth without the huge cost of purchasing the product from my dentist. I will recommend this product to anyone who has the approval of their dentist.

  • Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album - Sorry for my previous review, this is really good album

    Yes! I am the idiot that thought that "Blue Lines" is not a good album. Luckly, it was a mistake! The album is really good, the rap is really calming, and the vocalists Shara Nelson and Horace Andy are doing sucha great job! My current review is just a proof that this album is so special, that you need more than one time to hear it. I recomment it to anyone who is into music!

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