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ZHealth Publishing | Medical Coding Resources - Specializing in interventional radiology and cardiology coding, ZHealth provides medical coding books, seminars and courses online, live, digitally and hard copy.

  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/coding-products Medical Coding Educational Resources | Coding Products | ZHealth - ZHealth Publishing’s products empower coders and those who charge these procedures to be confident in their accuracy and accordance with Medicare guidelines. Our comprehensive platform of coding products is used by thousands of medical providers across the country to achieve and maintain coding compliance.
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/coding-products/books-and-ebooks Medical coding books | Coding Products | ZHealth - Dr. Z's Medical Coding Series consists of four coding reference guides, covering each of our specialty areas: Interventional Radiology, Interventional Cardiology, Vascular/Endovascular Surgery, and Diagnostic Radiology. Each volume is available in hardcopy and eBook format and is offered at reduced prices when purchased in multiple quantities.
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/coding-products/anatomy-charts Anatomy & Muscle Charts | Medical Coding Resources | ZHealth - <p>ZHealth Publishing&rsquo;s Anatomy Charts, individually laminated, consist of the most useful and informative anatomical illustrations from Dr. Z&rsquo;s Medical Coding Series. These color illustrations cover interventional radiology, cardiology, and e
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/coding-products/charge-sheets Charge Sheets - Spend less time identifying charges with ZHealth&rsquo;s comprehensive charge sheets.&nbsp; Created by physician coders Dr. Z and Dr. Dunn, they include charge codes, coding tips and guidelines, and symbols to indicate add-on and inpatient-only procedures.
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/coding-products/elearning-courses Medical Coding Classes | Medical Coding Education | ZHealth - ZHealth Publishing&rsquo;s eLearning courses are online self-study medical coding courses designed to increase your medical coding knowledge while providing an opportunity to earn continuing education units (CEUs).
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/seminars-and-webinars Medical Coding Seminars | Seminars & Webinars | Z Health - ZHealth Publishing is committed to fostering a sense of community for those specializing in the complex fields of interventional radiology, cardiology, and vascular surgery
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/seminars-and-webinars/live-seminars Medical Billing and Coding Seminars | Live Seminars | Z Health - >ZHealth Publishing coding seminars - held four times per year in different U.S. cities&mdash;focus exclusively on the coding of interventional radiology, cardiology, and electrophysiology procedures.
  • http://zhealthpublishing.com/seminars-and-webinars/video-seminars Medical Coding | Video Seminars | Z Health - ZHealth Publishing&rsquo;s video seminars are a great option for those unable to attend our live seminars.&nbsp; We offer high quality video recordings for streaming the complete 4-day Las Vegas seminar.

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  • ge0h - Great stuff

    This combat gel is highly recommended and I’ve started to see great results maybe within a week. The trick however, I believe is in your placement. You’ll want to apply this around the cabinets, behind the counter top and any gaps.

  • boomrpup - Great, affordable "first experience"

    Bought the core package since I already had the camera (Required!) and Move controllers (optional...actually most of initial release-games DON'T need/use them.)

  • MysticMoon - Compact, Easy to Use

    This works so well in any room or closet or just an area that seems to be too wet. It gets really humid where I live and all summer long you have to fight to keep the humidity out of the house. I was really happy to see a small version of one of these that was easy for me to set up and use and easy enough to move from room to room as needed. The tray on the bottom is fairly large so it can run for sometime unless this is placed in a basement or other area that is really damp and wet. There are lights on the front that are labeled to let you know what stage it is going through or where it is at in the dehumidifing process. It is not very big or bulky at all so it won't be in the way. It comes with the correct AC/DC cord to power it and an instruction manual that explains it all. It is very quiet so it will not disturb you at all.

  • Thomas M. - Perfect for football lovers.

    I buy this book every year and love the material. I also enjoy reading the older ones to see how things turned out for their projections. Only problem with this book is that it is not bound very well and pages keep coming loose. Not worth the hassle to return, but maybe next year use more glue.

  • Wally D. - Where the f$%^ are my keys????????????

    Got this for my wife who is always losing her keys....has brought our stress level way down in the few days that she has had it.

  • Jill E - These Dreams by Heart

    Love, love, love this song! Like a romantic fantasy played out in song. The beautiful voices of Nancy and Ann Wilson make it even more awesome.

  • Matthew - Metal detector for all ages

    This is my first metal detector and can say is my favorite. As the name of item implies this metal detector has incredible accuracy for finding coins in the ground. The discrimination setting makes it very easy to filter nails and pull tabs so one can do searching for coins only. The sensitivity level is quite a wide range and allows to deal with various different kinds of ground mineralization types. The pinpoint is much better than my mom's Garrett 1350 as with this detector you only need to push the pinpoint button once and it will stay in pinpoint mode until you press it again to resume normal operation. Small plastic plug in right side of detector that pulls out with a little twist where you can place headphones and may it be noted that you need an adapter to get the headphones to correctly fit into this device. Was quite surprised when I opened box and found a treasure guide book, 25 best kept secrets, a warranty card that needs to be filled out and mailed and a catalog of metal detectors and accessories.

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