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  • Norris Klesman - Qustions about warranty coverage-doesn't match your brouchure

    First, the rating given is due to my having no experience with this product and BEING REQUIRED TO GIVE A RATING IN ORDER TO POST MY QUESTIONS

  • heavenward - Not for me.

    I was hopeful, but it didn't get any more stations than the one we bought from Wal-Mart. In fact, the Wal-Mart HDMI we purchased got a lot more stations. I ended up returning and Amazon was great about that.

  • Kodack - Works well so far

    It was a pretty hassle free installation. I added 2 additional motion detectors and the 115db siren to the system and it's great. You have to order additional sensors directly from simplisafe though. I don't know why but Amazon doesn't sell them, and the few motion detectors I found on amazon for it were marked up 100% over retail. Don't pay $80 for a motion detector, buy it direct from the mfg for $30 each.

  • Harry DeVault - USA based company produces outstanding products.

    They fit perfectly. Easy to install color matches carpet. Plan to drive car over five years, carpet appears to be protected.

  • J. Knutesen - Surprisingly effective...

    I own a 2003 Honda Accord. A few years ago, the engine light came on. I had the dealership run the code and it came back as decreased efficiency of the catalytic converter (P0420). They said this is not entirely uncommon for that model and not to get too concerned just yet. They reset the fault code and it came back the next day. Three days later, the light turned off on its own. Now with approximately 182,000 miles, the light came back on. I took it to my local auto parts store and borrowed their code scanner (saved $70); again it was P0420. I told them I wanted to wait and watch it for a while. They suggested I run a bottle of Mr. Gasket Cataclean though the system. I had never heard of an exhaust cleaning fuel additive, but decided to give it a try. It was the same price there as it is on this site. The directions say to run the fuel down to a quarter tank, add the solution, drive normally 10-15 miles, then refuel. Based on some other Amazon reviews I read, I decided to modify the technique a little. I let the tank get a little lower than a quarter and added the stuff. I drove about 25 miles in third gear (about half of it on interstate highway at 72 mph - 5,200 rpm). I refueled and went home (about a 1/2 mile). I watched the engine light on my way to work the next day, and after 12 miles it went off. I have driven another 60+ miles since and it has remained off so far. Keep in mind that the fault will not auto reset with many makes, like it does with Honda. I have read undeserved negative reviews based on misunderstandings in that regard. The product manufacturer recommends running 2-4 bottles per year, so if the light comes back on, I will run another bottle before I start thinking about replacing the cat.

  • Joanne Parker - waste of time and money

    applied this last summer and now, after one winter it is chipping of and peeling everywhere. don't waste your time or money on this.

  • Lisa Mckee - Does not work

    This item did not do what it is promised to do. My thing I used it on was saddle bags for my motorcycle that had sun spots and it only made the sun spots a bit shiny. I would like a refund on the product and will mail back to you of course you provide shipping.

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