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  • Amazon Customer - Wasn't what I was expecting

    Years ago I lived in southern Spain so I wanted a good book to read about Spain in general, but more specifically the places I used to frequent. I was very disappointed that this author almost bypassed most of Andalucía. Barely a mention of Cadiz, almost nothing on Jerez de la Frontera, nothing on Puerto de Santa Maria, Chipiona, Arcos de la Frontera, and many other important places. He seemed to be mostly interested in Madrid and Barcelona. Beyond that, I had hoped for more historical references, but what little there was seemed to be thrown in just as filler.

  • Sarah Fenly - Best infuser bottle!

    So happy with my infuser water bottle!! The absolute best feature is that the center infuser goes all the way down to the bottom of the bottle!! My other few infuser bottles, the center infuser wand only goes half way down the bottle. Will definitely buy another one in the future!

  • linli - Fine work! The price is a little expensive

    The long-awaited! Finally I want to buy something, the seller shipped fast! Fine work! The price is a little expensive! So 4 stars

  • K. K. RAYL - Get a good night sleep

    This review is for biolife Natural Sleep Aid, Herbal non habit forming. This supplement is all natural and has melatonin and a number of additional ingredients. I think it works much better than plain melatonin. I fell asleep faster each night. I woke up without feeling dopey. I purchased this product at a reduced rate for my unbiased opinion after I tried the product. I would purchase again.

  • Realms and Dimensions - This tiny thing is AWESOME

    I used this at the recent anime hologram Hatsune Miku Concert and it worked perfectly well!! My Blackberry Priv phone can record in 4K and can hold up to 2TB of memory which can drain its own battery with prolonged use of 4K recording however with this external battery, I did not have to worry about any energy drain at all uwith this in my pocket! :) My phone stayed FULL charged the entire time and at the end of the concert I still had 1 charge left on this awesome thing!

  • Renee P. Gordon - Be careful.

    Just cancelled my subscription. Should have read the reviews first. It made me jittery and I found out it contains soy. Because of having breast cancer I have to stay away from anything that contains soy.

  • Angela Nelson - Make sure you are reading labels!

    This did absolutely nothing for me. I have constant yeast infections and the other reviews gave me hope that this was going to help. If you look on the bottle it says, "Probiotic strains at time of manufacture." This means that the live microbe count probably does not guarantee this same amount will be available when you buy the product or take it.

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